Morris Miselowski

Morris Miselowski is a world‐renowned Business Futurist, innovation specialist, thought leader, past academic, successful business owner as well as Founder and Lead Futurist with Your Eye on the Future.

He has spent the last three decades working alongside business owners and audiences provoking and showing them how to disrupt, change and grow.

His uncanny ability to regularly turn foresight into profit, comes from 30 years of first-hand experiences of starting, selling and running businesses, all based on making common sense choices today, from the uncertainties of what’s ex, next, after next and beyond next.

He believes in humans before technology, has an optimistic view on what we’re capable of and a pragmatic view of what we can achieve.

Morris can be seen regularly at the global board tables of the fortune 500, whispering in the ears of C level executives and in the hushed back rooms of venture capitalist’s plotting the next big thing.

Some of the many 1,000’s of corporations Morris has consulted, presented and workshopped with include Lufthansa, Westpac, ANZ, Visa, MasterCard, BP, Ford, Tourism Australia, Tourism Export New Zealand, Lendlease, Department of Industry Innovation & Science, Microsoft, SAP and Monash University.

Morris also presents globally at over 100 events annually and his eerily accurate business and societal foresights reach millions around Australia, Asia and across the globe through his regular media segments and highly sought-after on‐air comments.

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