Organizations perform better when culture is aligned to strategy. Employees know where the organization is headed; understand how they fit into the strategy to get there; have the tools, capabilities, and motivation to execute; and are empowered to innovate and change. Understanding the underlying mindsets and behaviours that drive performance is critical to building the strategic agility needed in today’s complex business world.

Culture Transformation

We believe that superior performance requires alignment across three organizational cornerstones: Strategy, Leadership Capacity and Culture. Our Readiness Assessment uses structured interviews with key stakeholders, proprietary psychometric tools and surveys to identify opportunities for more effective strategy development and implementation

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Agile Bootcamp

We have partnered with Co-Lab to create an Agile experiential learning approach aimed at building leadership capacity for individuals in organizations undergoing transformational change

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Buyer Beware

Acquirers want to know—among many other things—that the workplace environment isn’t toxic, because they want to keep the best people. They want to know that the management team will behave responsibly around environmental issues. They want to know that transactions are dealt with in an above-board manner

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Change Management

We work with you to identify the most critical success factors of your change strategy. It might be a problem with process, structure, communication, or training. But being focused helps a lot. We then take the pulse of your organization’s culture and profile the leadership teams that are working on your strategies to ensure that their mindsets, behaviours, skills and competencies are a good match for the challenges of execution

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