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Planning for Disruption

It took a little while to become ubiquitous, but now “disruption” is on everyone’s minds. We recall reading Clayton Christensen’s The Innovator’s Dilemma and being captivated by the idea of “disruptive innovation.” 


Culture Transformation

Culture is comprised of mindsets and behaviours that translate into how things are done in an organization. The influencers of culture range from vision and mission to skills, systems, processes and structure. They can be shaped to help accomplish strategic goals and drive change….or prevent them from happening at all.


Change Management

We first work with you to identify the most critical success factors of your change strategy.  It might be a problem with process, structure, communication, or training. But being focused helps a lot.


Executive Strategic Advisory

Mobilis’ strategic advice is structured to have a direct impact on the leader’s business and her performance and is delivered by seasoned professionals with the business experience to ensure meaningful interactions.




CEO Onboarding

One of the most important responsibilities of the board is to select and install the CEO. But average CEO tenure in North America is just five years, suggesting that active support for the new CEO from day one is critical to corporate success.


Buyer Beware

Acquirers want to know—among many other things—that the workplace environment isn’t toxic, because they want to keep the best people. They want to know that the management team will behave responsibly around environmental issues. They want to know that transactions are dealt with in an above-board manner.


Agile Bootcamp

We have partnered with Co-Lab to create an Agile experiential learning approach aimed at building leadership capacity for individuals in organizations undergoing transformational change.


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