Agile Bootcamp for Companies

We have partnered with Co-Lab to create an Agile experiential learning approach aimed at building leadership capacity for individuals in organizations undergoing transformational change

Co-Lab was formed to meet a critical gap in implementing change: Not having the internal resources with the skills and tools to use Agile effectively to drive implementation of transformational change.

How does it work? A four-step holistic approach:

Guiding, supporting and coaching of executive leadership to help them define their long and short-term vision for the transformation, one that considers the:

  • Market context
  • Capabilities of the team
  • Company’s culture

Building the best strategy and most cost-effective approaches to achieve the vision. The strategy is:

  • Linked to measurable results
  • Designed to improve the well-being of employees

Training and coaching of middle management to ensure rapid and effective strategy implementation, including process improvement and restructuring;

This work is typically carried out via a combination of:

  • Short-term training and coaching by Co-Lab onsite to expliticitly link the strategy to the organization’s context and culture; and
  • Long-term training at distance to allow the organization to develop its own natural change rhythm

Providing ongoing periodic training to embed change, foster cultural shifts in mindsets and behaviours to ensure sustainable change and the well-being of teams

Why is it different?

  • Reverse consulting – we unlock the knowledge of the employees, help (re)build high-performance teams, drive performance improvements (with clear, measurable goals) and improve employee satisfaction and engagement.
  • Lower cost, higher ROI, more lasting results than traditional Business Transformation consulting

How do we know?

  • We are experienced Agile professionals who have successfully run large-scale business transformations and who understand the associated challenges and opportunities

How is it done?

  • Co-Lab conducts needs-assessment with decision-makers then plans and runs a “sprint” (typically 10 days)
  • The first sprint can be on-site or off-site
  • Then the team is coached and supported remotely by a Co-Lab coaching team using our tools and in accordance with agreed to service agreements
  • Support can be for 6, 12, 18 24 months, or otherwise, depending on needs and subject to periodic reviews




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