Culture Transformation

Corporate culture is linked to financial performance

Definition of Culture:  “It’s how we do things around here”

Culture is comprised of mindsets and behaviours that translate into how things are done in an organization. The influencers of culture range from vision and mission to skills, systems, processes and structure. They can be shaped to help accomplish strategic goals and drive change….or prevent them from happening at all.


High Performing Cultures are linked to attractive financial results

Culture as a risk factor

Culture can also be thought of as a risk mitigating factor. When organizational culture is sub-optimal, direct dosts and important risks appear. For example:

  • Turnover is higher
  • It is difficult to hire the kind of people one wants to see in the organization
  • Insurance costs increase
  • Safety issues may arise
  • Harassment may become an issue
  • Productivity declines


In our 15 years of experience assessing and transforming organizational cultures, we have learned that:

  • More than 70 percent of change programs fail due to a lack of focus on the real drivers of strategy – mindsets and behaviours
  • Successful cultural transformation begins with the executive team and cascades through all levels of leadership in the organization
  • Cultures change when you can measure — and then close the gap between the current culture and the desired culture. If you can measure it, you can manage it

Mobilis works with the executive team to:

  • Assess the current culture – through a combined quantitative analysis using the Barrett Values Assessment and in-depth qualitative work – to identify the enabling and limiting mindsets/behaviours that have a major impact on execution, and to measure the financial impact of the limiting factors
  • Develop top “from-to” mindsets to accelerate transformation
  • Align and commit the executing leadership team on specific deliverables and establish clear measures of success
  • Collectively draft a Transformation Plan and Leadership Development strategy
  • Work with the organization to achieve sustainable execution and measure the financial impact of the changes made

“While culture can be a complex and elusive thing to identify and improve, it can have a direct impact on the activities and success of an organization. For example, though the effect it has on the level of staff morale, absenteeism, the ability to attract or retain staff, the level of “wastefulness”, the level of risk-taking (including reputation risk and the potential exposure of the organization to legal or regulatory action.”

— Tools of the Trade,, November 2018

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